Sales and Marketing Success

Every business exists to make money. Financial performance is derived from operating performance and is reasonably simple to calculate. Human performance is a derivative of operating performance, among other things. And the ability to work effectively is one of the keys to human performance. You’ll reach a new selling level if you follow the steps below.


If you recall nothing else, keep this in mind: Always provide your prospect with something of value. They will respect your knowledge and be more likely to return your call. Examine your prospect’s competitors, compile a market study based on current trends, and compare your prospect’s product or service to theirs.

Give an analysis of previous market trends and where you believe the market is headed or why you think it is down trending. Prepare how your advertising medium reaches more subscribers than the competition if you offer something intangible like advertising.

In your report, make graphs and use concrete numbers. Decision-makers are typically numbers-oriented, so learning that 30% of their target demographic does not listen to the country music radio station they are advertising will pique their attention.


Tell your prospect you have interesting information he’ll want to know when you call to set up an appointment. We’ll use phrases like “the market is on fire” or “the market is stable” and explain why.

Naturally, preserve the truly fascinating information for your meeting. If you need to leave a message, get the receptionist’s or executive assistant’s email address, then send a follow-up email with the same information you left on their voice mail. This may appear to be excessive, but it works, and they’ll remember you.

Present your information once you are in front of your prospect or have contacted over the phone. You should conversationally give this information, with plenty of opportunities for them to comment. Prepare to elaborate on your findings.


Ask questions about the company, the product, or the service as you share your research findings. If you’re talking with the owner, inquire about the company’s short- and long-term objectives. If you make this an open conversational meeting, your prospect will feel at ease and more willing to participate in the conversation.

Avoid any questions that require your prospect to provide financial or other private information. Backpedal as quickly as you can if you stumble and say something that causes a negative reaction. Apologize and move on to another topic immediately. When and if they begin to relax again, you’ll be able to know.

4. ASK

If you have a product with a short sales cycle, you should ask for the sale. We avoid asking, “How can I earn your business?” because it often leads to a stiff response that leads nowhere. According to the theory, you are an expert who understands how to gain their business. “What is important to you?” is a smart thing to ask, and then you should fulfill their stated requirements. They don’t normally ask for the sale at this time if you have a product with a long sales cycle. They offer to provide additional information and stay in touch.

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Send a follow-up email, letter, or notecard, whichever you prefer. Make sure to follow up regularly. Start an email campaign that contacts them every few days if they are near to choosing to use your company or service. Remember to try to bring something useful this time.

If you have nothing to offer, ask if they have any additional questions about the information you gave. You’re building a rapport and presenting yourself as a reliable source. Set them up on your calendar to receive further information in a month, six weeks, three months, whatever is suitable, if this is a long sales cycle.

Lastly, have a positive outlook at all times. Leave your worries outside. Even if your entire future depends on this one transaction, never appear as desperate. Don’t be afraid to be yourself; make sure it’s a good self.

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