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25, Nov 2022
Dog and Cat Diets: Are We Giving All They Need?

Every pet cat and dog in a caring home gets all the care and attention they deserve. Pet owners understand that their duties include all needs: food, shelter, grooming, and medical support. Food is an excellent topic to talk about among all of these.

What sort of food do you provide for your pet cats and dogs? Are you sure that they are getting all the nutrients they need? Does the diet we give them support long-term health requirements? Take this time to contemplate these things.

The Food Options

There are three options we can do for our family pets. We can even mix and match these alternatives. It is important to remember and guarantee that family pets get complete nutrition.  Your vets do not only provide kitten vaccinations, but they also can give you advice for everyday pet health support.

Dry Food

There are a lot of dry food options readily available in the market. Makers provide different flavors, age-specific or breed-specific types, and some are labeled all-natural. One duty we must do is to research and locate the very best one we can. Read labels and components. See what they are made of and research if these are healthy for your family pets.

Ask your vet about excellent dry food that is accessible to you. There are constantly benefits and drawbacks to every product. Dry food’s pros are its convenience; they are more energy-dense and more inexpensive. These will not also spoil rapidly.

Some dry food cons are grains or too much grain substitute that can trigger upset stomachs, or too much sodium can cause kidney and urinary issues. Check this site and answer the question of why choose them as your pet vet for these issues.

Wet Food

Usually, wet food has fewer carbohydrates and more protein than dry food. Because cats and dogs need more protein and fat, wet food is considered much better. Fewer carbs likewise suggest that animals can digest them more quickly. Wet food is not as energy-dense as dry food and contains more water. Small pet breeds can maintain this diet as they do not need to utilize as much energy as larger types.

Wet food pros are their very good flavor variations to satisfy picky eaters, and they are easier to consume. These make it ideal for senior animals. Wet food cons are easy spoilage and pricey, especially if you have bigger family pets.

Home-Prepared Food

The secret to letting your pets eat their way to health is knowing how much you need to feed them. The veterinarian-suggested amount is 2 to 3 percent of body weight for adult dogs and cats. Read more and find out which type of meat, vegetables, or grains (although this depends on you as some choose not to give grains) are most beneficial to your family pet.

Like humans, pets can eat colorful meals to provide the required nutrients. Make sure they meet all fiber and protein requirements. If you plan to supply them with home-cooked meals, ask your vet if they require vitamins or supplements.

The advantage of home-cooked meals is knowing what your pet is eating and that they are hygienic. This prevents allergies and supports parasite prevention. If you already have problems like these, these vets can test and diagnost skin issues. Cons include taking a lot of time to prepare, the chances that nutritional needs are not met, and it will be more expensive.

The Bottomline

Veterinarians support all these food alternatives, and all have benefits and drawbacks. It depends on the pers’ humans to read labels and learn what these animals need. A well-balanced diet for your pet may be a mix of all three. As a pet owner, being attentive to our pets’ health allows you to know what it needs. Your veterinarian is always there to help you, too.

23, Nov 2022
Health Signs to Look for in Our Senior Pets

Cats and dogs age quicker than we human beings. Due to genes and other physical factors, our cherished pets only share their lives with us for a short time. Long-time fur parents know the love that grows between human and pet and fears the pain of losing pets in the end.

Thus, we do whatever we can to lengthen the lives of these loyal animals so we can love them a bit longer.

Keep an Eye Out for Signs

The scariest thing to realize is that your pet is sick, and you are powerless. You should be vigilant and keep an extra eye to see if there are physical and behavioral changes in our furry companions. DenverVet.com will be here to help you take care of your geriatric pets.

Behavioral Problems

Specific indicators that tell there is something wrong with pets might include a change in temperament. In some cases, it can be subtle. However, it can tell whether the animal is experiencing discomfort or discomfort. Some things to keep an eye out for are:

  • Sudden aggressiveness
  • Not wanting to be touched
  • Hesitation to sit or sitting on one hip
  • Less or much more vocal
  • Lethargy
  • Aversion to eat or drink
  • Moving while urinating or defecating; also accidental urinating and defecating

Physical Changes and Conditions

A telltale sign that pets need help is physical issues. Some might be concealed under their coats. These symptoms can be discovered quickly by keeping them as well-groomed as they need to be. Provide time to wash and groom your pets gently, or look for expert groomers who can deal with senior pets. Things to check for are:

  • Pale or bright red gums
  • Crusty or seeping ears, typically accompanied by a nasty odor
  • Skin issues like rashes, flaking, sores, or pus
  • Wounds and swelling
  • Loss of hair
  • A noticeable weight gain or loss

Emergency Symptoms

In many cases, heart, kidney, liver, and oral illness will cause emergency concerns. Call your vet and rush to the emergency clinic if they are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Repeat vomiting or diarrhea
  • Problem breathing
  • Seizures
  • Failure to urinate
  • Extreme pain
  • Bloated or inflamed abdomen

Make sure you have your veterinarian’s number always ready. Calling before going to the emergency room alerts the group so they can prepare for your arrival.

What do the indications tell you?

The signs and symptoms inform us what they are experiencing and give us an idea of what we are looking at. Discomfort manifesting in behavioral issues typically shows that pets might be experiencing bone and joint pains. 

Conditions such as arthritis, advanced osteoporosis, or bone cancer might be the culprit. Click here for services on dog oncology near me. Skin issues expose allergic reactions, hypothyroidism, liver illness, or diabetes.

Emergency symptoms like the failure to urinate may show bladder issues or kidney stones. They might be causing congestion as waste can not exit the body. Difficulty breathing may be the most major emergency circumstance, and you need to hurry to the vet. Low oxygen levels, also known as hypoxia, can cause respiratory arrest and death if not resolved at once.

What can you do?

See that senior pets visit their veterinarian at least two times a year. Let the veterinarian know of any issues you see so that tests and laboratory work can be done instantly. Veterinary cold laser therapy or preventive medication can be recommended if needed. Proper grooming is also a must to permit you to see physical changes.

Prevention will be easier than being shocked by these symptoms and signs. As accountable pet owners, give more time and attention to your senior pets to improve their quality of life. This will provide us a sense of peace that we have loved them well before they cross over the rainbow bridge.

17, Nov 2022
Vet Dental Surgery: Tooth Extraction on Pets

Oral health is an essential element of a pet’s health of life. It also has an impact on the overall health of a pet. The extraction of a veterinary tooth is among dogs’ most commonly performed procedures. The condition, known as severe gum disease, is one of the causes most frequently used by dogs for tooth extraction.

Canine dental extractions are not all created equal. Every tooth is different and has its own set of problems. For example, some loose teeth may be pulled with one hand.

If your dog suffers from an issue with its teeth, the veterinarian could recommend a complete oral health exam under anesthesia. Since your dog will be unconscious, your vet can determine the extent of their oral cavity health and recommend the appropriate treatment, which could involve the extraction of teeth.

Tooth Extraction in Pets

Nobody likes taking the tooth of a dog or a cat. If the animal has the proper anatomy and has been treated concerning dental hygiene, then the need to do this can be reduced. There are instances in which a tooth gets so severely damaged that taking it out is the only option to improve one’s health and ease discomfort.

Loose Teeth

If any of your teeth are so loose that you can wiggle them using your finger, it’s time to have the teeth removed. Long-term neglect is the cause of this. This can be seen occasionally in abandoned cats and dogs and sometimes in dogs or cats whose owners treat them as furniture and give the least attention they can.

Be aware that mouthwashes and herbal cures won’t help when teeth are in this state. There isn’t enough blood flow around the tooth to get the medication deep enough into the tissues to provide relief. Look up “Dog immunizations” for details on your pet’s vaccinations.


Abscesses can sometimes form deep within the tooth’s root, but only in rare cases. The top of the tooth appears healthy, but the abscess eventually will run through the base of the root through the gums.

Your doctor can identify an abscess using a thorough examination that includes x-rays, but the tooth will always need to be removed. The x-rays will often show an area of bone loss near the bottom of the root.


A slab fracture is a type in which the lateral side of the tooth seems to be broken. This can happen when a massive dog with teeth that are solid chews on the hard bone or pebbles.

The second form of fracture occurs when a tremendous number of canine teeth break. If it’s only the tip, it’s no issue. If the fracture is deep enough to expose the root, the only options are the extraction or a root canal.

Tooth fractures aren’t as common in cats and dogs as. However, if they’re struck by a vehicle, they may be struck by fractured jaws. One tooth can become misplaced that it pokes an opening in the cat’s mouth if the jaw is slightly crooked (this could happen to feral cats). Click here for additional information.