Critical Metals for Technology, Investment and a Low-Carbon Economy

Our vision is to develop Canada's first silver-gold-tellurium mine at the Deer Horn Project in north-central British Columbia.

Tellurium, considered a "critical" or "green" minor metal, is an important element in solar panels and other clean technologies. Our purpose is to provide silver and tellurium key to the development of 1) renewable energy and 2) next-generation technologies expected to provide exponential improvements in battery storage, digital storage, computing power and a range of other future sustainable applications.

The Deer Horn Property has been recognized by First Solar Inc. as one of the world's top four primary tellurium properties.

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For a comprehensive overview about the Deer Horn Project, critical metals and investor information, view or download our latest presentation.

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About Tellurium

It’s one of the earth’s rarest elements, and it's playing key roles in clean energy, battery storage and a growing list of technological uses.

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Key Project

The Deer Horn project is unique, advanced and one of the world’s top primary tellurium properties. And it’s right here in British Columbia.

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