11, Apr 2023
Modern Dentistry: Restorative and Cosmetic Procedures

When people hear “dentistry,” their first thought may be of whiter teeth and sleeker office designs; but modern dentistry encompasses much more. Family dentists have become certified in several areas with new technologies and treatments, from implant-based restorations to laser gum therapy treatments.

So let’s step back and get an overview: what can a modern family dentist offer you? This article will look at several modern dentistry treatments your local family dentist might provide.

What Is Modern Dentistry?

Modern dentistry provides many services and treatments to keep our teeth healthy, strong, and attractive. Dentists today can handle everything from routine checkups and cleanings to more complicated processes like gum disease treatment or implant placement.

Laser gum therapy has quickly become one of the premier solutions for periodontal disorders. Utilizing laser energy, this therapy uses laser beams to treat gum disease more rapidly and with reduced risks and adverse effects than standard therapies – and not just for adults. Current dentists utilize this technology for pediatric operations, so this technology is also safe for children.

When you click here now, you will learn that modern family dentistry may include solutions like dental bonding and contouring to correct minor smile flaws in just one visit. Various other treatments are also available to assist with everything from cavities to wisdom tooth extraction.

Popular Restoration and Cosmetic Options Available Today

Did you know that places like Sunset Dentistry offers cosmetic treatments and restorative dental procedures? If you require dental work such as fixing chipped teeth or installing bridges or need an operation performed like replacing dentures, your family dentist is available! Modern dentistry now allows patients access to the following:

Laser Gum Treatment

Gum treatments can often be expensive and inconvenient; however, thanks to lasers, this no longer needs to be the case. Laser gum therapy by a periodontist in San Francisco has proven fast and successful at relieving discomfort associated with traditional therapies and relieving bleeding issues that might otherwise arise from them.

Teeth Whitening

To achieve that movie star white smile, professional teeth whitening is your best bet. Not only is this method affordable and safe for your teeth, but its effects will last for many years after just one treatment session!


Adults looking to adjust their teeth alignment discreetly without anyone knowing could benefit from Invisalign braces. The Invisalign system employs clear aligners which fit snugly over teeth and gradually move them into position with minimal disruption to daily activities and discomfort.


Titanium screws can be used to restore lost teeth with dental implants, offering an alternative solution when bridges or dentures no longer meet our needs.

So the next time you consider seeking dental work, remember that modern dentistry has made the experience far less daunting! Your family dentist can assist in creating your ideal smile with services such as laser gum treatments, implants, and Invisalign braces.


Laser gum treatments, aesthetic dentistry, and other advances in modern family dentistry have made it easier than ever to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Various treatments can assist in keeping ideal oral health – everything from tooth whitening to using advanced technologies like lasers for gum therapy.

Understanding the various services provided by modern family dentists will enable you to select the optimal course of action. Since every mouth differs, consult your dentist on what solutions would best meet your needs and create healthy and beautiful teeth that can last a long with proper care.