20, Oct 2022
Basement Leaks: 3 Main Causes and How to Solve Them

A leaking basement is not something to ignore, assuming it will immediately stop or dry out. Basement water can cause mold and mildew growth. Depending on where the leak is located, it may also cause structural damage. Basement leaks can appear for a variety of reasons. But, no matter how different the reasons are, they usually result in the same frustrating outcome. You should not ignore a leaking basement because it could destroy your home. It can potentially destroy your home’s foundation, the most crucial part of your home.

Causes of Basement Leaks

To protect your property from basement leaks, it’s a good idea to investigate the root causes of such disasters. Those who spend the majority of the year in wet areas should keep reading. These wet areas’ houses are the most vulnerable to leaking basements.

1. Surface Water

This includes precipitation and water from other sources collected on the ground or roof outside your home. So, you should be concerned if your house is surrounded by soil that slopes towards it. Even water that falls on the pavement or driveway has the potential to enter your basement. They can get through the cracks and into your house. Click here to learn more information about this.

2. Improper Roof Drainage

This means that the gutters on your roof do the opposite instead of preventing water from entering your home. This problem begins during the house’s construction when the roof gutters are not properly installed. Some roof drainage systems may even deposit water directly into the wall foundations. Don’t forget to remind your contractor to check the gutters’ placements throughout the project. You can save a lot of money in the long run.

3. Poor Grading Around the Foundation

Basement leaks could also be caused by loosely compacted soil. Instead of preventing water from entering your home, loose soil will allow it to pass through. Loose soil could be hidden by a driveway or paved area, making this a difficult problem to solve. You will have to lift them out to improve the soil grading.

How to Fix Basement Leaks

If you have a basement leak, you should call a professional water damage cleanup in Leesburg, VA, who can inspect the leak and determine its source. The first step is to figure out what is leaking or how water is getting into the house. Next, you’ll need to determine your options for resolving the issue. Caulking or cementing over a hole won’t solve the problem. A professional is usually required to determine the best repair method.

Look for a contractor and property restoration services in Sterling, VA, specializing in basement leak repair. This way, you’ll have access to all options for resolving the issue. There is no reason to put off seeking this type of assistance. The longer such leaks exist, the more likely they will worsen and cause additional foundation damage. With these issues, you are putting your home at risk.

Final Thoughts

Basement leak repair is something that you should not put off. The foundation of your home is one of the essential structures to maintain. Cracks or moisture issues in this area can cause unsettling disturbances in how your home stands. This will eventually cause major structural issues with the house. However, you can and should take action to address water-related problems. You can resolve almost all situations unless the foundation is crumbling.