16, Aug 2022
Five Important Reasons to Waterproof Your Home

Water in the wrong places may be a house owner’s worst nightmare. Everyone knows how water can negatively affect and damage homes. Reports from the US state that 98% of basements will deal with water damage once in their lifetime. If you consider your home as your greatest and most expensive investment in your lifetime, then doing something to maintain its value and protect your household must not be put off.

To keep your home dry and warm all year round, we’ll discuss why waterproofing is something you need to do to strengthen your home’s structural security and improve its longevity.

The Advantages of Home Waterproofing

Whether it is your first time moving into your new house or just acquiring a new one, there are plenty of things you need to prioritize. Waterproofing may not be included in your list of concerns, but it must be. Below are five great reasons to waterproof your house now.

1. Minimizes flood risk

Even a little or minor leakage can cause floods within a few minutes. However, waterproofing can favorably affect and facilitate how water moves or interacts inside your house, for example, by sealing foundational cracks that are not quickly noticeable to the eyes or diverting groundwater away from your home with a French drain.

Water damage might be associated with flood, so waterproofing your house helps save you the hassle of employing restoration contractors when your home suffers from water damage. You may browse the web to find out more about the services they offer.

2. Promotes a healthier home

Molds can grow within 1-2 days if water has infested your house or there is a high dampness level in an area. Neglected damp spots in homes are an ideal breeding ground for molds to thrive, and it is essential to understand that molds can still grow even if you can’t see their signs of growing.

Left neglected, it can trigger breathing problems, respiratory infections, and asthma. So if you see molds growing in many areas of your home and removing them yourself is not enough, restoration companies like PuroClean of Montgomery helps with water damage repair and ensure molds don’t grow back again.

3. Reduce repair work costs

Water damage can increase your repair costs, especially if the damage it causes your home is significant. Houses with basements are more vulnerable to floods, and the damage is usually more severe because this place does not have enough ventilation and has greater humidity. 

Due to this, individuals don’t have a choice but to employ home restoration companies Montgomery, AL. So by waterproofing your house earlier, you can save cash from pricey repairs because of flooding or leaks.

4. Increase your home’s value

Waterproofing your home’s vulnerable places increases your property’s value and even helps you sell your house quicker. This is because potential buyers are prepared to pay greater for homes that can minimize the risk of water damage and molds.

5. Protects your home’s structural integrity

Water may be a powerful corrupting element. So if you do not waterproof your basement, hydrostatic pressure can cause cracks in your basement and even the foundation. Water can get in these cracks, causing the walls to bow inward and risk your house’s security.