Vision & Mission

Our Vision: Metals for a Cleaner, More Sustainable World

Our vision is to provide metals vital to a low-carbon economy as well as for emerging technologies related to information processing and the advancement of clean energy, clean technology and fresh water. We will help companies and organizations find solutions for a more sustainable future and contribute to the evolving clean energy imperative.

Our Mission: Growth Through Partnership, Efficiency and Stewardship

The Company’s mission is to build a new revenue model for the junior resource industry by partnering with industry leaders in critical and strategic metals extraction, manufacturing, supply and research as well with relevant governmental and educational institutions. Using a scaled approach, we will create a minimal environmental footprint while building a low-cost, efficient operation that allows us to begin production on a shorter timeline. We will work closely with First Nations and local communities to ensure sustainable and ethical operations, while building wealth and value for shareholders and all stakeholders.