13, Jan 2024
Rappin’ Legal Loopholes: From Email Contracts to Pet Deer

Yo, listen up, I got a story to tell
‘Bout lease agreements and shareholders as well
In Victoria, the lease agreements rule
Learn about ’em here, it’s way too cool

Minority shareholders, got protection they need
In a shareholders agreement, it’s security indeed
Check it out here, legal rights guaranteed

Now let’s talk ’bout contracts via email
In the world of law, it’s a big deal
Understand it now, the legalities and requirements
Right here, no room for retirements

Hey, are pet deer legal, can I keep one at home?
Rules, regulations, and laws, all known
Find out more here, the ownership laws have grown

The Plaza Agreement of ’85, impacted global currency
It’s a big deal, no time for discurtin’ it
Learn more here, it’s all about the money

Family law training contracts, in two thousand twenty-two
Legal training guide, for me and for you
Check it out here, knowledge so true

Recanting a domestic violence statement, I need to know how
Legal options and the process, can’t allow it to bow
Read about it here, before taking a bow

Civil law in healthcare, examples to find
Key examples, oh they’ll blow your mind
Learn more here, guaranteed to be in kind

Short-term credit agreements, exploring options so tight
Legal options to try, no need to take flight
Understanding it all here, to make everything right

And last but not least, the copyright law of ’76
A comprehensive guide, not to be missed or nixed
Find out more here, it’s a legal fix