30, Jan 2023
Smoke Stain on Walls: How to Properly Get Rid of It

Smoke stains from cigarettes are unsightly and can damage otherwise new surfaces. Homeowners may have to cope with the effects of cigarette smoke for decades, including lingering odors, discoloration, and damage to their property. It may seem easy to paint the walls, but more work is involved.

Tips For Removing Smoke Stains From Walls

Cigarette smoke harms your health, but secondhand smoke is far more dangerous. This smoke harms you and everything else around you because it leaves behind a layer of tar and nicotine wherever it settles. Knowing how to eliminate smoke stains from walls is the most effective method for eliminating stale smoke odors.

Nicotine stains teeth and skin horribly and does the same to the walls of indoor spaces where smoking is tolerated. These tips will be helpful if you decide to clear your home of smoke stains and residue.

Start With Removal

Walls and ceilings aren’t the only things that can absorb smoke’s pungent odor. Carpeting and other unexpected items, including light bulbs, can retain smoke odors for a long time. Fabrics that can be washed should be taken down and cleaned, but if the smell has seeped into the carpet pad, it may be necessary to replace the carpets. Any new materials or furniture brought into a room with a persistent smoke odor will be impacted.

The smells may also indicate that the air quality is unsafe. This is what scientists refer to as “third-hand smoke.” According to research, secondhand smoke lingering on everyday household items can release toxins into the air. Hiring a property restoration firm is the best action if you discover an unpleasant odor in your home and wish to avoid future complications.

Use a Primer

Most of the debris on the surface may be removed by washing the walls and other items, but stains may remain, and in the case of nicotine or severe smoke stains, the odor may also remain. No amount of paint will mask the lingering stains or stench.

For this reason, you should use a high-quality stain-blocking primer that is solvent-based. In certain circumstances, smoke damage in homes can foster the growth of mold, which is hazardous to your family’s health. If you discover mold is developing within your house, hiring a restoration firm specializing in mold removal is best to take care of the problem for you. You can look for “mold remediation near me” on the web to find a restoration company if you are looking for one.

Paint Over It

Homeowners will undoubtedly need to paint their homes. It usually takes more than one coat of paint to completely cover the stains and eliminate the odor from the new paint. While a coat of paint and primer can make an area look beautiful, the residue underneath will eventually come through. Stains and odors may come back. Ensure that the house-painting business you hire is aware of the circumstance.

In most cases, the painters must apply more coats than usual. In addition, before painting the walls, you should meticulously clean the entire house. A company like PuroClean of Mobile, specializing in fire and smoke damage restoration, can help you if your home needs deeper cleaning.


Just like there is no universally applicable method for dealing with wall flaws, the same cannot be said for your home’s many surfaces and finishes. Your walls can be restored to their original condition with a little hard work and persistence. You can hire professionals to do the job if you need help.