15, Jun 2022
How Do You Know If Your Commercial Building Needs a New Roof?

You most likely do not care much about the roof over your head when you enter your commercial building every day. However, like everything else in life, a roofing system has a limited lifespan. Do you remember when you had a new commercial roof set up? Have you ever needed to get a new roof for a commercial establishment? You may have to manage it sooner than you expect. So, how can you say whether the roof of the building has to be replaced?

When Is a Commercial Roof Replacement Needed?

When it’s time to replace a business roof, getting it done immediately is essential to preventing costly leaks that may result in structural damage. When should metal roofs be changed? That’s the subject of this article. Roof repair service providers can assess a building’s metal roof if the indicators below are present.

Leak Spots on the Ceiling

The ceiling might be the most dependable sign that a roofing system needs to be replaced. Before a roofing company is consulted, a plumbing contractor is often called since building owners assume the spots result from dripping pipelines. You can determine if your roofing system leakages or pipelines have sprung a leak by watching when they do.

On rainy days, leak areas tend to expand. This indicates that a roof leak is to blame. In addition to hiring a roofing constructor, you will also require the help of a restoration firm. They can check your building for water damage and take the necessary actions to bring your commercial property back to its initial state.

Missing Panels

Metal roofing systems with missing panels are one of the most apparent signs of needing replacement. Stormy weather or the progressive deterioration of the bolts that keep the panels in position is one typical cause of missing panels. The panels could rapidly come loose if the bolts weaken and the wind strikes below them. 

The roof system of the building will undoubtedly leak sooner or later. In that instance, you should work with an expert remediation firm like the good restoration company in Boulder to avoid mold development. Making the necessary preparations is better than risking the wellness of your personnel.

Wide Screw Holes

The screw holes of your roofing system enlarge gradually until they no longer hold the screws completely. Wide screw gaps are often the consequence of years of temperature changes and the slight movement of the panel due to wind or other situations. Whatever the factor, water seeps through the metal paneling due to bigger screw holes. 

You will inevitably require assistance from experienced and trained technicians if you run into water damage on your property. Water removal services are needed to prevent rust on steel structures.

Buckled Panels

Weather exposure and improper mounting are to blame for the buckling of metal panels. Panels can be elevated by wind if they’ve been exposed to changing temperature levels for a long time or if their screw gaps have widened and their joints have weakened. There are two problems with distorting panels: leakage and their potential to be blown away in a tornado.


It’s expensive to change a roofing system, but failing to do so can lead to water damage on the property’s interior. A roofing repair company must assess a building’s metal roof if any aforementioned signs are present. Also, working with a remediation firm is required to do the cleaning in case of water damage to the commercial property to prevent further costs.